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10 Best Financial Benefits for Military Families

Members of the military have many special financial challenges that most people do not encounter. However, they have access to many special benefits, tax and legal protection. The co-authors of this article, Kim Lankford and Lisa Gerstner, have direct experience: Kim's husband was a doctor in the Army for 21 years and was deployed 3 times, and Lisa's wife is an air national guard instructor pilot, more than 200 flown combat missions. Here are the top 10 benefits and make the most of them to improve your family's financial future.

  1. Low-cost retirement savings plan

  2. 10% guaranteed return on savings

  3. Tax-free Roth deposits

  4. Free university for you, spouse or child

  5. Cheap life insurance

  6. State tax exemptions

  7. Special legal protection

  8. Mortgages without money

  9. Tax-free housing allowance

  10. Low interest loans

Consult with a qualified advisor.


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