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About Me 

Living my dream 

My name is Clarita Ortega, I specialize in Taxes, Accounting, Business Administration, Notary Public, expert in QBO, Xero, Kronos programs and more. My career started more than 15 years ago. I worked for one of the companies on the Forbes list, where it helped me gain massive business experience. During my time with them, I managed stores where sales exceeded more than 10M a year, where I gained experience in analyzing reports and putting into practice key performance indicators and much more. My tax experience was obtained in one of the largest chains that we have in the country where I obtained a lot of information / knowledge on how to handle tax liability and obtain deductions within the law. Now as a  business owner/entreprenuer, making my dreams come true, where I seek to help our community, be that bridge of knowledge / information and be able to provide options that will lead us all to success.

Our Commitment to Results

Clarita Ortega

Tax, Accounting, Business Management,

Advisory Service 



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