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My name is Clarita Ortega, I am the executive director & founder of CO Tax & Accounting Solutions. I was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

I am bilingual and have more than 15 years of experience in operations, accounting, company administration and taxes.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated consistent success in creating solutions and innovations. I have had the privilege of designing and improving different administrative, accounting and operational procedures for corporations and small businesses, helping various companies achieve success.

In my work experience, I have met many people who are skilled at their jobs, with the potential to own their own companies. However, the lack of guidance and information prevented them from taking that step, continuing as employees and enriching the owners with their talent.

I have also observed that many businesses, especially Hispanic ones, are penalized and must pay high fines and interest to the government or insurance companies due to the lack of information and advice in their language. Because I want to be a source of information and guide the community to be proactive. I founded Clarita Ortega Tax & Accounting Solutions.

I personally identify with the majority of Hispanics, not only because I am Latina. I know the different challenges and sacrifices that many people make when being away from their country of origin.

​At Clarita Ortega Tax & Accounting Solutions, our goal is to help entrepreneurial and hard-working entreprenuers/business owners who have the desire and potential to not only establish, but grow and succeed with their own business. We want the sacrifices you have made to be worth it, because success

has NO boundaries. Our best goal is for our hard-working community to achieve success and make money work for them, not them for the money. The importance is to create Business Strategies to be Successful, Develop a Tax Planning to achieve corporate success and create wealth.

Clarita Ortega

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